Digital Consulting Services
What is a digital sign?
An electronic display, such as LCD, LED, Projection or plasma displays that show dynamic advertising and or information.
What is an OOH and DOOH network?
Out-of-home (OOH) and Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) networks include billboards, street furniture, transit, alternative and cinema.

What are the benefits of advertising on a digital sign?

  • Increase advertising ROI, ROE, ROO
  • Cost-effective ads save up to 80% over standard media
  • Ability to change your dynamic, high impact targeted message faster, easily and less expensively compared with printed signage
    • Increase revenue of profiled product by 30%
    • 10x greater audience attention than static signage
    • Reduces perceived customer waiting time in public spaces by 15%
  • Increase product sales by 30%-300% by emphasizing specific high margin items, specials and limited offers in real-time
    • Entertain viewers by the using full motion, color video, interactive screens, and interactive kiosks

What are the common applications of digital signage?

Learn more about these digital signage applications by requesting a media kit.

  • Public Information
  • Internal Information
  • Menu Information
  • Advertising
  • Brand Building
  • Influencing Customer Behavior
  • Enhancing Customer Experience
  • Enhancing the Environment

What is a host location?

A host location is the place, often a business, where digital signage is located.

Where are AMA’s host locations?

Currently, AMA provides digital signage and traditional billboards throughout the state of North Carolina. Our digital signs are hosted by various venues including, but not limited to, hotels, sports bars, restaurants, shopping plazas, cinemas, college campuses, stadiums, hospitals, fitness facilities, etc.

Can I advertise on display locations that are the same type of business as mine?

Due to conflicts of interest we do not allow this practice. However, multiple businesses targeting the same audience may advertise in other non-competitive locations.

Does my business need to get approved by the host location before I can advertise on
their screen?

Yes, Ajlouny Multimedia Advertising will obtain prior approval.

What ad content is prohibited?

All adult content and profanity are prohibited. All Ad copies will be reviewed for final approval by AMA prior to being active.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes, a contract should be signed agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth by Ajlouny Multimedia Advertising.

What is the pricing for advertising with Ajlouny Multimedia Advertising?

How much exposure time will my ad receive?

Your ad will be displayed for 15 or 30 seconds, on a 90 slots/day in a rotation sequence throughout the day based on the host locations hours of operation. This averages to 2700 airtime slots/month.

What is the maximum number of ads per digital sign?

The maximum number of ads that we can upload to an AMA digital sign is 30. That way your 15 second ad can play every 10 minutes.

Are the displays on 24/7?

The displays are automatically controlled to run during regular business hours of the host location.

Can I change or update my ad during the length of the ad campaign?

Yes, but variable fees will apply.

Can I have more than one ad being displayed on a single screen?

Yes, but each ad has its own fees.

Can I have different ads on display at different locations?

Yes, but each location has a separate fee.

Can I switch my ad from one host location to another during the length of my ad

Yes, but variable fees will apply, per contractual agreement with AMA.

Who creates the ads?

Only Ajlouny Multimedia Advertising can create ads for its digital signs. For the benefit of our clients with established brands, we are happy to use their ad copy for a variable fee.

Do you offer ad copy creation?

Yes, we offer multiple solutions ranging from static, video, HD video and 3D video advertising content.