Digital Services
Ajlouny Multimedia Advertising’s digital solutions are proven to be the most effective way to capture your audience’s attention with dynamic high definition, high impact ads on digital displays and networks.
Digital Signage
64% of first purchase sales are driven by digital ads that captivate consumers. There are 7 key elements to digital signage.
Dynamic Digital Media
Advertising with Ajlouny Outdoor & Ajlouny Multimedia Advertising involves just a few simple steps.
Cost-effective: Save up to 80% over standard media
Increase Sales: Boost sales of products by 30-300%
Increase Revenue: >30% for advertised products
Attention-Grabber: 10x greater audience eye contact than traditional static signage
Reduce Wait Time: Customer’s perceived wait time decreased by >15%
Flexible: Change your targeted message faster, easily and less expensively compared with printed signage
Hardware: displays, mounts, players, infrastructure
Software: scheduling, player, control, creation
Connectivity: wired, wireless, cellular, internet
Content: media, advertising, marketing
Operations: installation, network, maintenance, service & support
Design: purpose, deployment, environment
Business: objective, ROI, ROO, partnering, analytics
Select billboard, digital network and ad screen location(s)
Select length of campaign per location: 3, 6, 9 or 12 months
Provide your ad copy or ask us to create it for you