About Us

Top Digital Signage CompaniesThe Ajlouny brand began in 1982 when its founder, George Ajlouny, purchased his first outdoor billboard advertisement in Morehead City, North Carolina. Although a novice at the time of start-up, his strong business acumen combined with his philosophy of providing all clients with the best advertising media and excellent customer service proved successful. 30 years later, with his son Nader at the helm of the company, Ajlouny Outdoor Advertising continues to increase clients’ ROI, ROO, ROE, as well as their business brand, while maintaining excellent customer service.

As the landscape of billboards and advertising media continually evolves, so does the Ajlouny brand. In January 2011, Nader launched Ajlouny Multimedia Advertising, LLC (AMA) to reflect its new digital media business division. AMA is a dynamic, innovative national digital media company at the forefront of providing our clients with cutting edge hardware, software, OOH/DOOH network solutions and creative design platforms that maximize our clients’ advertising exposure. AMA is committed to captivating your clientele with engaging digital media & connecting them to your brand, your message, your products, and your services, because with our Dynamic Digital Media: the message is the experience!